Prohibition of torture

 The European Committee for the prevention of torture and Inhuman Treatment or punishment or (CPT) has as its principal objective of activity of private treatment examination of persons in order to strengthen, if necessary, their protection against torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

European Convention for the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment , was adopted in Strasbourg on 26 November 1987 and entered into force on 1 February 1989. Romania has ratified with law No. Convenia 80 of 30 September 1994, published in “Official Gazette” No. 285 of 7 October 1994.

Among  the legislative texts which criminalizes acts of torture and inhuman treatment are:

Internally there are a Draft law on modification and completion of the law No. 35/1997 for the purpose of the establishment, within the framework of the institution of the Ombudsman, the national mechanism for the prevention of Torture in places of Detention, with the draft budget which relates to the in order to strengthen the protection of persons deprived of their liberty, by conducting systematic, planned visits or unannounced, in places of detention.