Romani CRISS and UCTRR Submitted Written Comments to the European Parliament on the Resolution for the Implementation of National Roma Integration Strategies: Combating Negative Attitudes towards People with Romani background in Europe 


Romani CRISS and UCTRR Are Asking for the Immediate Dismissal of the Minister of Internal Affairs and of his Chief of Staff following Recent Violence by Romanian Police

  • The signatory organizations have asked the Romanian President and the Prime Minister to dismiss the two from the command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to appoint new persons who promote the application of the current Romanian law and not the law of fists and violence. For details, download the Open Letter for the Dismissal of the Minister of Home Affairs FINAL ENG


Romani CRISS – Roma Center for Social Intervention and Studies

  • Romani CRISS and European Roma Rights Center have sent an open letter calling the European Commission’s investigation as per the infringement procedure against Romania, as for the breaches of the Racial Equality Directive. These breaches result from persistent patterns of segregation of Romani children in the Romanian education system. For details, download the Public Statement and the Open Letter.


  • Romani CRISS is organizing a training on December 10-13, 2015, in the field of advocacy. The training is addressed to Roma NGOs. Interested organizations can apply by filling in the Application Form. The form will be sent to, no later that November 20, 2015.


  • Announcement for the prolongation of the deadline for submitting the application files for the “Nicolae Gheorghe” Fellowship Program, addressed to young Roma. The new deadline is December 31, 2015. For details, click here.


  • Announcement for the prolongation of the deadline for submitting the application files for the “Livia Plaks” Roma Rights Scholarship Program. The new deadline is October 30, 2015. For details, click here.