The website is aimed at promoting and informing the citizens over human rights and non-discrimination. The site represents a resource for the general public, in particular for people interested in the field of human rights and non-discrimination, containing useful information and support for teaching people who are faced with situations of discrimination.

This site is produced in the project “implementation of human rights standards for Roma in Romania”, funded by EEA grants 2009-2014, in the framework of the NGO Fund in Romania. The project  focuses on the defence of human rights of Roma ethnic minority.

The project creates a Community instrument to prevent and combat all forms of discrimination, through the development of the network of local human rights monitors, consisting of 20 members. Another objective of the project is to combat and prevent discrimination in education, housing and to achieve human dignity, to abuse the officials responsible for law enforcement, and discriminatory, racist speech or hate to hate, through advocacy and litigation actions. The project aims at facilitating access to justice members of the Roma community, by providing legal assistance and representation for victims of discrimination on an ethnic criterion, abuses or violations of rights.